KVL with a current source in loop

  1. I'm trying to solve for a number of different currents in a circuit, and I'm wondering how to do KVL with a current source in a loop?

    The current source is actually part of two loops, so is it possible to just name the current source 'V' during KVL and add (or subtract) the two resulting equations to remove 'V' and be left with a third equation?

    I've attempted to do this, but my numbers seemed off (could of been an algebraic mistake - not sure.)
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    You shouldn't be using KVL in a loop with a current source. Denoting the unknown potential by V only gives you an extra variable to solve for and complicates matters. What I'll try to do is to either transform the current souce into a voltage source or simply use nodal analysis. Mesh analysis is overrated, in my opinion.
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