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Language/linguistics forum @ PF?

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    Hey allz,

    A question regarding languages sparked in my mind while my browser was on PF main page. I just realized that we almost cover every main field of academics here to some extend while languages/linguistics are not here at all.

    Do you think its a good idea if we add a forum about these fields?

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    Yes! Especially in its connection to computer science. Formal languages is an interesting subject. So is the study of natural languages. I vote for a forum on linguistics for whatever that is worth.
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    I come to this forum as a refuge from language... But it would be fun to debate the various parts of grammar on here though.
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    Not true. Read the subtitle under Social Sciences.

    Besides, forums are created only on the basis of a clearly demonstrated need and a sufficient level of participation (among others) under a more general subforum.
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    Thx Gokul43201,

    I see. I went there and saw threads about language/linguistics shattered between the main forum and the subforum there.

    I think its a good idea if we add a specific subforum there for languages/linguistics. It wil make it easier to spot, and much easier to keep track of the threads.
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