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Lasers/Optics/Photonics Research around the world

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    I am currently finishing off my Masters in Lasers Optics and Photonics. I will be doing a PhD for 3 years on Laser Physics starting in the fall.
    My question is...I really like doing research involving lasers (all different types and aspects) and that's what I want to do as a profession in the future too. There are plenty of opportunities I know of around Europe and Northern America in particular. Does anybody know of any exotic places (caribbean, bahamas, hawaii, fiji etc etc) that have any laser research at either universities or companies that do optics/photonics/laser research? I really want to live by the ocean (preferably a very warm place) sometime in the future and I was wondering if there were any particular places you can think of. I would probably just want to live there doing research for a few years.

    Thanks for any information! :smile: Bye,

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    Southern California (LA-San Diego) has lots of small hi-tech aerospace/defense companies. Hawaii has the telescopes on Mauna Kea and the US airforce starfire range on Mauna Loa.
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    Mallorca: http://ifisc.uib.es/eng/lines/optics.php/ [Broken]

    Spain: http://www-fen.upc.es/donll/
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    Currently I work for a Laser Research Lab. which is located in Koc University/Istanbul. Here is a web page about us;

    http://portal.ku.edu.tr/~KULaserLab/ [Broken]

    Recently we participated to an european photonic workshop which is organised by Phoremost. This year it was in Turkey maybe some of you may have participated.. :)
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