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Summer Research Ideas in Lasers/Laser Cooling

  1. Oct 13, 2013 #1
    I am a final Year undergrad in B.Sc in Electronics. I am going to apply for a Summer Research (2months period )in Lasers in other institutions and I am thinking to work on Laser Cooling. I have to specify a short, innovative project idea.
    I have gone through courses in Quantum mechanics, Microprocessors, Communication systems ,E&M & optics.

    Can anybody give me any ideas which can suitably apply my knowledge of microcontrollers/communication systems to Lasers . Eg : i went through the following (but couldn't get the essence of the whole thing)

    PS : Most professors in the institutions are working of BEC, Lasers, Quantum Optics and Laser Cooling. But, given my knowledge set, i thought i could manage lasers/laser cooling the best & of course would be thankful for all ideas

    Thanks very much in advance ..
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    So you would like to build a control system for a laser process? That very much depends on the feedback signals that are available, and an understanding of the control algorithm required.

    I have seen undergraduates do excellent work on summer projects - with laser based experiments - but the basic design of the project, as well as all of the hardware were already available in most cases.

    So I suggest that you contact the people that you would be working with and have them suggest a project - then they will be providing some support.
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    Actually If I can come up with some illustrative ideas, and talk to them, I think they can tell me the type of apparatus available.

    could you get me an idea from few of those so that I may talk to Respective faculty members.
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