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  1. Dear everyone,
    would you be so kind to help me with the small problem, which you might find funny as well (or it's usual, banal?..).. the thing is that i currently work on my PhD, and want to increase the number of pages in easy way, you know.. in other words i try to enlarge the figures! o:)
    ok, i increase figure size, writing \includegraphics[height=14cm]{} blah-blah.. works well.. but at some limiting height the figure "jumps" to the end of the section and the bad thing is that there were free space on initial page, where figure could be much larger.. a fragile moment is that i want larger figures, but only until some 1-2 lines from the text are still on the page, as pages with only figures are not counted by PhD rules :shy::smile:
    Sorry for disturbing, anyone! But it's just so cold winter here, the room i work in is freezing me, fingers move so slow... ok, i'm just lazy and didn't find the solution in my books..:rolleyes:

    Have a nice day! :smile:
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  4. Well, guess, I've chosen the right forum to ask! Just didn't expect.. =)
    robphy, many thanks for you help!:smile:
    I've used the placement parameters, but in your "e.g." manual I found a useful line I haven't met before:
    "! Override internal parameters Latex uses for determining `good' float positions."
    I've suspected that problem is in large "PhD-style" file, which is drifting from generation to generation here :) maybe it was, maybe not, but now I continue my "dirty" job =)
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