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Latex - how to get non-italic UK pound sign

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    Latex - how to get non-italic UK "pound" sign

    I'm using MikTex. When I do


    and then use \pound or \textsterling in non-maths mode, I get the italic version of the "pound" symbol from the Times Roman font. I want a non-italic pound symbol.

    I also get this message in the .log file

    LaTeX Font Info: Font shape `OT1/ptm/m/ui' in size <10> not available
    (Font) Font shape `OT1/ptm/m/it' tried instead

    I guess this is something to do with the font encoding, system not the font itself. The standard Time Roman fonts certainly include both "roman" and "italic" shaped pound symbols. Gee, even MS Word can display them so it can't be hard :rolleyes:

    How can I get the symbol that I want, not the symbol LaTeX thinks I ought to want?
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    Use the txfonts package instead of times. The times package is obsolete--it does not change the font used for typesetting mathematics, and it evidently does not provide all of the glyphs defined in LaTeX's internal character representation. I was able to duplicate your problem with the times package; when I replaced it with the txfonts package, the "\textsterling" command seems to generate the character that you want.
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    Thanks, that worked :smile:
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