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LaTex in presentations (transparencies, etc)

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    I was wondering if anyone knows a good (free) package to create overhead transparencies using LaTex. Currently, I'm using the "foils" documentclass, however it's got a few downpoints (the main one being that I can't change the font size of text, or make it bold etc, without switching to math mode), so I wonder if anyone knows a better package.

    Alternatively, does anyone know how to link LaTex equations into Powerpoint (although this may be a more difficult skill to master in a few days!)

    Either way, any help will be much appreciated!
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    You could try the slides documentclass.
    http://amath.colorado.edu/documentation/LaTeX/reference/slides/ [Broken]

    Or maybe the prosper class if it's computer displayed
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    I am using the beamer package, and find it very convenient. You could also play the game of producing images (like gif) of your equations and plot them into powerpoint...
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    Ok, thanks guys. I'm playing about with the slides documentclass, however still can't find a way to make text bold, or italic! I've tried the commands \bf, \textbold; they get accepted when I execute, but don't show up bold. Do you know if I need an add-on or something?
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    Sounds like you have it working. I was going to suggest going to my wiki & making a sandbox...
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