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Law of baryon conservation questions

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    I am unclear about this law of the conservation of baryons; does it mean that the number of leptons can change OR the number of baryons but not both? Also, does it mean that no experimental evidence shows that baryons can decay into mesons. Can someone state clearly the law of conservation of baryons and how this was determined and perhaps cite a few examples? thanks
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    Baryon number conservation means that the number of baryons does not change and has nothing to do with leptons. Lepton number conservation means that the number of leptons do not change.

    At low energies, the Standard Model of particle physics predicts both lepton and baryon number conservation. At higher energies, both of these are broken by non-perturbative effects and what is conserved is the number of baryons minus the number of leptons.

    If baryon number is conserved, a baryon cannot decay into mesons only (it can decay into another baryon and mesons) as mesons have baryon number zero.
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