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Learning Rigid Body Physics with examples?

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    I would like to program some rigid body physics but my maths is a lot rusty. (for example I have done differential equations at uni, but forgot everything)

    I cannot quite seem to get my head around the equations in 3D, with simple euler method, and quaternions.

    Any suggestions for learning material that includes exercises? Ideally lots of easy exercises with worked solutions.
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    find the lectures by either Chris Hecker(i think they are freely available online) try gamedev.net. if not look for books by David Eberly (his wildMagic engine use to be open src).

    You could also llook at Torque($100) or OpenDynamics(free) or mmm Newton.

    Currently I'm reading a book by Christof Ericson : Realtime Collision Detection
    its pretty good.
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    These are good references. I actually own David Eberly's book. I can generally follow the derivations, but thats it. I also have the simpler 'Physics for Game Developers'. I mostly get it, but there is still stuff in the Euler stepSimulator code I am just taking on faith.

    What I really would like to find is masses of appropriate exercises to get my maths back up to speed.

    Consider the huge number of exercises a typical 1st year physics book contains for rotational motion in 2D. I just looked in one of mine and found it has 84 exercises and problems !
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