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Least competitive field of theoretical physics

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    Hi all, I'm wondering what field of theoretical physics is least competitive. I'm guessing it's one in which there is most funding available, and I'm further guessing that is theoretical condensed matter physics (CMP). I'm guessing that CMP research, theory namely, has results that are most practical and useful for industry, so there's prolly most research directed to this field. Am I right?

    I ask because I'm just 1 year into the field of physics, trying to do a summer research project, and nearly 27 years old and I have some health problems that keep me from throwing myself into my studies with the same vigour I once did. I'm simply not competitive. I'm hoping I can just teach theory at a nice liberal arts college that still does a tiny bit of research so that at least 1-2 kids aren't A+ grubbing pre med students and are actually interested in Why Do We Need Quantum Mechanics?

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    There are loads and loads of places a theorist could come in and make great progress in biology.
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