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I Left Right Symmetric Extension of SM and vMSM

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    Im trying to learn more about different extensions of the standard model.

    Are the Left Right Symmetric Extension of the Standard model and the Neutrino Minimal Standard Model different extensions?

    I know both add 3 right handed neutrinos. Do these neutrinos differ in any way, also are there other differences between the models.

    I know the LR symmetric extension is based on the gauge group SU(2)l x SU(2)r x U(1) b-l.
    Is the vMSM based on a gauge group and if so which one?
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    No. However, you might be able to accomodate the nuMSM in the LR SM (it would work based on content - not sure about the phenomenological status).

    The right handed neutrinos in the nuMSM are singlets. Those in the LR SM form right handed doublets together with the right handed charged leptons.

    The LR model has an extra gauge group and therefore more gauge bosons. The scalar sector is also different. All feemions are placed in either left or right handed doublets.

    The nuMSM is little more than just adding the right handed singlets a la seesaw type I and finding values of masses and mixing that can fit several phenomena.
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    So they are two different extensions??

    Do the right handed neutrinos only get their mass from the seesaw mechanism in the vMSM?? How are they given mass in the L-R symmetric extension?

    Do you have any suggestions where I may be able to read up more about these two extensions?

    Thank you
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