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Let air circulate but keep it water tight?

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    Is this the opposite of an air lock?

    I want to make a bag/membrane/lock device that can carry water, yet keep it aerated.

    Obviously a cup does this, but I need it to be able to move about vigorously without spilling.

    Any ideas what this is called?
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    A cup with a lid.
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    I mean fresh air (Oxygen) into the watertight container! (not recirculated)
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    Just use a straw to blow air into it from time to time...
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    Filip Larsen

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    You could perhaps place a small check valve in the air supply inlet. Depending on how much water the container holds and how it moves during acceleration you may be able to find a check pressure that will allow air to enter with a minimum of over-pressure which then could be supplied by a small pump, your lungs (as suggested), or perhaps by the movement of the container itself.
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