Exokat [catsuit exoskeleton] and Simbot 8.4 invention idea?

Exokat [catsuit exoskeleton] and Simbot 8.4 {invention idea}

I was watching a documentary wherein a lady Quadriplegic was operating a robotic arm direct from her brain, and I thought to myself, what she needs is a catsuit exoskeleton. So I set out to invent one, don’t know why ~ I just like the challenge of working stuff out mostly. Below, the link will take you to the full size 4k images I made [in fallout 4] to show how the idea works… see what you think and whether or not I have cracked it. The images are representative, I’d like the florettes to be 4mm wide and 6mm deep, for all three layers of hexagon cubes [in a sheet].

Note that this is a very simple and rudimentary design made by utilising existing [but altered for new use] technology and materials ~ mostly graphene. My first thought was that someone would make the whole thing from carbon nano-tubes which can be shrunk and expanded via an electrical charge. However, that method apparently requires to much power, which is why I guess they haven’t already been made. Ergo until something a bit more sci-fi manifests itself, you will have to make do with these…



3 layer sandwich





Stiff arms

Simbot copy

https://i1333.photobucket.com/albums/w626/quetz098/6 simbot 2048_zps4ynsxe8u.png

3d welder
https://i1333.photobucket.com/albums/w626/quetz098/8 faktori_zpsed1znqfw.png

[edited link...]

How it works

You first have a net sensor-suit, with simple sensors to detect movement [of the muscles they are touching]. this is then translated into expansions and contractions of the florettes via valves e.g. a muscle of the users body contracts, and the corresponding set of florettes contract respectively. An expansion is achieved by releasing its air into the third air from the second cushion layer of florettes. This the third air-cushion layer is at a lower pressure than the second, which then in turn is lower than the first high pressure layer [closest to the skin].

The second layer in the sandwich is the hexagon box shaped ‘florettes’, each composed of 6 accordion air-bags with rigid vertical pipes at each corner [carrying the electrics to where required]. These double up as braces such to stop vertical movement so they will expand mostly laterally.

The sensor-suit will also have a network of tubes akin to veins, taking compressed air [or liquid air] to regions of the first air-cushion layer, where the gas is released. The idea here is that rather than trying to wire up many thousands of florettes and get all those pressures correct [which is probably impossible and is otherwise the main problem I needed to overcome], an air vein can deliver to regions of hexagonal florette clusters and the released gas will equalise within the volume of said layer. this effectively manifesting as an ‘universal pipe’ to everywhere in the second layer. This second layer of florettes may open their valves at their base, and allow the required amount of gas into the accordion bags, such to expand. Then the third layer is used simply as a bag to empty expelled gas from the florettes.

If needs be, then more complex versions with valves particular to each bag inside each florette can be used, however I don’t anticipate such a need. Basically the suit is pushing and pulling mostly around the joints, and from various pull-points on the torso and limb ends.

Hopefully this system will be reasonably efficient, as a backpack [power-pack] with batteries, pumps and compressors etc, will just have to make up the difference between the pressure yielded between the first and third layer.

How the ‘Simbot’ works…?

An exact copy of the ‘exokat’ [above] wrapped around e.g. a graphene aerogel manikin [or some skeletal stickman type thing], acts akin to a doppelganger mimicking the actions of the user on a 1:1 basis [or indeed enhanced]. it will need VR and mobile phone technology, but will basically work like an animated 3d model in e.g. a video game, then receiving a signal from the suit the user is wearing. It will mostly be operated by the user remotely, but the user will see through its eyes so to say and hence be able to make adjustments so it don’t keep falling over.

I don’t know if the Simbot idea would work yet, but unless I have missed something right in front of me - which does happen a lot lol, then although Its not sci-fi magic like in the movies, the exokat in my mind will work.

No doubt the world will use them for everything from the military to prostitution, but I invented them for gaming and for the disabled.

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That sounds interesting. But the google link does not work, and the photobucket links are less convenient to our members than photos posted directly in the. You can use the UPLOAD button at the lower right of the post editor to add pictures directly to your post.
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Boo. I was actually hoping to see a cat in a tiny exosuit.
lol, well I made a sabre cat version for skyrim. :)
I should add that everything in the images are representative, there were only so many hexagons I could get on a 4096 texture, and my software didn't like 8k.
i should add that a backpack comprising the necessary compressors etc would be providing the power. The florettes are not the pumps! i haven't added anything which has already been invented.

effectively you got the above pumping air into three expandable hexagon boxes, and of three successively decreasing pressures. then join the boxes and cut out the sides or an oblong section from the sides.


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You are a little late.

"IRON MAN" suits are coming to factory floors, IEEE Spectrum, Vol 56 no. 1, January 2019 p. 27

A battery powered exoskeleton has been announced with 8 hour run time. From the article: Workers wearing the basic XO [model] will be able to repeatedly hoist 35kg without strain, whereas those wearing the heavy-duty XO-Max will easily lift a 90kg load.
See also: https://www.sarcos.com/products/guardian-xo/

The same article mentions that Ford motor company is trying out in 15 factories an Ekso Bionics "...upper-body exoskeleton that supports workers' arms as they perform overhead tasks."

Sorry. :cry:


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: obligatory image from Aliens :
hi tom.G
imho they wont be as efficient, accurate nor their duplicates light nor simple. there are so many permutations with which an athlete can ovoid injury, not to mention that you could stick one of them over the top of mine! ...edt; not to mention clothes!
thing is about armor, you can make stuff bulletproof easy enough, but as you know, one uses the same math as for liquids - when it comes to super heated shot.
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why is that 'lego-skeleton' so bulky though?
NB. Some people seem to be concerned that the suit would bulge out in places, however, some areas would be expanding whilst others would be shrinking. then given that those two things are equalized [which they would be], the surface area would remain the same et al.

Secondly; At worst I could add some ribs or wires to stop it expanding beyond a given point and ballooning out [beyond the mimic of the original], whether that be a body inside or at a remote location. I had figured that if the base layer material was a silk catsuit made to fit closely or even perfectly [perhaps a more expensive version], then that would have an amount of give relative to the gaps in the thread. Beyond which it would strongly resist being pulled.


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Anxious to see the video of you in the cat suit demonstrating its advantageous functions, perferably with some neutral judges/observers attending. :biggrin:
currently updating with modifications; a version of the suit will now be attached to the robotic armor, moving over a 'slipsuit' of silk. this will mean more power can be used, and the suit cannot obviously expand beyond its armor shell. - not that i was worried about that lol.
currently updating with modifications; a version of the suit will now be attached to the robotic armour, moving over a 'slip~suit' of silk. this will mean more power can be used, and the suit cannot obviously expand beyond its armour shell.

I should add as it wasn’t obvious, that the suit would mostly be doing only pulling motions. The only time the cells expand such to push outwards would be when reverting to shape. To put that in context, I thought of this idea as I was imagining an injury-proof outfit NFL style. Those guys need it! The suit in a non cyber-sport would only be there to compensate for injury causing movements, and maybe to add enough power to effectively make the suit and its armour weightless.

An example of utility would be when the leg moves to straighten after bending, the cells along the top line of the suit would be pulling, and the cells on the inside leg would be expanding back into shape [I.e. which they would be standing in at ease]. such movements would be acting upon pull points at each joint, which would be an integral part of the suit/armour [where they attach].

So now if you want to run fast and jump high, its all about how much power you can >safely< get into a couple of square inches on the toes. As it is the suit being acted upon and not the persons body, there would be an increment of sfe extra power which can be applied. People with half legs can now have fast knees and be super troupers.

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