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Calculus Level of Advance Calculus by Woods

  1. Jul 7, 2015 #1
    I recently purchased Advance Calculus by Woods. Reading, "Surely you're Joking Mr. Feynman,' interested me about the unorthodox techniques Feynman learned by reading Woods.

    I'm a math major and my mathematics is pretty limited at this point. By the end of fall semester I should have learned Calculus 3 (MultiVariable) and ODE's. I do have Linear Algebra under my belt and find books like Friedberg, Keisler, Axler, and Lang readable.

    I won't necessarily use Woods until after May or June of next year. I purchased it because I saw prices heading in the 200 hundred range and found it for a steal at 70 dollars shipped.

    After my fall semester I plan to work through either Apostle or Spivak ( own both) and How To Prove It. If time permits I was thinking about going over some Polya books my teacher gave me, during the fall semester. This is in preparation for Analysis when I enter into the University. My education has been lacking but I have been able to learn a few things on my own out of self interest. I like to learn and am willing to work for it.

    What level is Advance Calculus by Woods pitched at? What are the requirements? Did I waste $70 dollars or is the books reputation well earned.

    Does anyone know of a book that explains epsilon-delta? My understanding of epsilon-delta is superficial one section in Stewart Calculus.
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    I think it can't possible cover all the topics in the table of contents very deeply:

    There are many epsilon-delta books. One of the cheapest is Friedman: Advanced Calculus.
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    Thank you Verty.

    I also own copy of Spivak Calculus 3rd ed and Apostol 1st ed. Which one would you say would be better, in order to prepare, for a course of alaysis i.e. Baby Rudin?

    What supplementary material would you say Spivak and Apostol require?
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    I wouldn't say which one is better. You have them, pick one.
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