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Libreoffice - OFFSET function

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    I'm trying to use the OFFSET function in libreoffice to copy every 37th row in a given column but I am unable to do it. I've lost the last 3 hours searching all over the internet and the given answers don't seem to work on my libre-office! I'm seriously getting pissed here.

    So, let's say I have a huge column of data. For example, I have data going from H5 to H2000. I want to select every 35th value. That is, I want the H40, H75, H110, so forth and so on. How do I go about doing that?
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    Here's what I came up with:

    Set up a column with N, 2xN, 3xN... values in consecutive cells. These are the Nth values to take from your base data column. So just put 35 (or whatever you need) in the first row, 2x35 in the next one, and drag the two down to fill as many as you need.

    Set a column for your output values with the first cell:
    OFFSET ($H$5;Q1;0)
    Drag the first OFFSET function down.
    Taking every second value from the A column and displaying it in the C column.
    (the function displayed is OFFSET, just in another language)
    Does this work?
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    @Bandersnatch thank you. That does work :P
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