LIGO India is hosting a series of live talks on Youtube

In summary, the LIGO India EPO team is hosting a series of talks on Youtube featuring various speakers from prominent institutions in India. These talks do not require registration or any formalities, and can be attended by tuning into the LIGO India EPO Youtube channel. The upcoming talks include speakers such as Prof. Ajith Parameswaran, Prof. Sanjit Mitra, Dr. S. Sunil, Dr. Manasa.T, Dr. Sendhil Raja, Dr. Anupreeta More, and Prof. Anand Sengupta. The videos for previous talks are also available on the Youtube channel. The talks will take place at 4 PM - 5 PM IST (UTC +5:30)
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LIGO India EPO (Education and Public Outreach) team is hosting a series of talks on Youtube. No registration or any formalities; just tune into the LIGO India EPO Youtube channel and you can attend the lectures.

Following is the list of upcoming talks:

20th April: Speaker: Prof. Ajith Parameswaran (Associate Professor, ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore)
22nd April: Speaker: Prof. Sanjit Mitra (Associate Professor, IUCAA )
24th April: Speaker: Dr. S. Sunil (Institute of Plasma Research ,Ahmedabad )
27th April: Speaker: Dr. Manasa.T (IUCAA, Pune)
29th April: Speaker: Dr. Sendhil Raja (RRCAT, Indore)
1st May : Speaker: Dr. Anupreeta More (IUCAA, Pune )
4th May: Speaker: Prof. Anand Sengupta (IIT-Gandhinagar )

These are the talks that have already been held, but the videos are available on the above youtube channel.

1st April:Speaker: Prof. Sanjit Mitra (Associate Professor, IUCAA )
3rd April:Speaker: Prof. Varun Bhalerao (Associate Professor, IUCAA )
6th April: Speaker: Dr. Suresh Doravari (IUCAA )
8th April: Speaker: Prof. Somak Raychaudhary (Director, IUCAA )
10th April: Speaker: Prof. Ajit Kembhavi (Former Director, IUCAA)
13th April: Speaker: Prof. Tarun Souradeep (Spokesperson, LIGO-India )
15th April: Speaker: Prof. Bala Iyer (Chair of IndIGO consortium & Simons Visiting Professor, ICTS - TIFR)
17th April: Speaker: Prof. Sanjeev Dhurandhar (Pioneer of Gravitational Wave Research in India )

Time: 4 PM - 5 PM IST (UTC +5:30)

You will have the opportunity of interacting live with GW physicists and ask them questions.
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More talks coming up:

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11th May: Speaker: Prof. K.G.Arun (CMI,Chennai )
13th May: Speaker: Prof.B.C.Joshi (NCRA-TIFR,Pune)
15th May: Speaker: Prof.Rajesh Nayak (IISER,Kolkata)
18th May: Speaker: Prof.Poonam Chandra (NCRA-TIFR,Pune)
20th May: Speaker: Dr.Sendhil Raja (RRCAT,Indore)

Time: 4pm-5pm IST.
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berkeman said:
I haven't used the PF media section before. How do I find the videos that you uploaded on this? Is there a search feature or something?
Searching is enabled throughout PF, so you can take advantage of that. Go to advanced search, change to the "Search media" tab. In the keywords, you can enter LIGO India, and set the category to Astronomy and Cosmology. That will show you all the videos that I have uploaded.

Otherwise, you can go to the Astronomy and Cosmology section and try to find the videos. Currently, the videos are available at the top, so it will be easier that way.
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1. What is LIGO India?

LIGO India is the Indian component of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project. It is a collaboration between the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Indian government, along with several Indian research institutions.

2. What is the purpose of hosting a series of live talks on Youtube?

The purpose of hosting a series of live talks on Youtube is to educate and engage the general public and the scientific community about the LIGO project and its significance in the field of astrophysics and gravitational wave research. These talks will feature experts from the LIGO India team who will share their insights and knowledge about the project.

3. Who can attend these live talks?

Anyone with access to Youtube can attend these live talks. They are open to the general public, students, scientists, and anyone who is interested in learning about LIGO India and its research on gravitational waves.

4. When and where will these live talks take place?

The live talks will take place on the official Youtube channel of LIGO India. The schedule for these talks will be announced beforehand on the LIGO India website and social media pages. The talks will be accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet.

5. Can viewers ask questions during the live talks?

Yes, viewers can ask questions during the live talks through the chat feature on Youtube. The experts will try to answer as many questions as possible during the Q&A session at the end of each talk.

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