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YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. Its users watch more than one billion hours of videos each day. YouTube content creators, popularly referred to as YouTubers, upload over 100 hours of content per minute.In October 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. It has since evolved from a small video streaming platform to a large service influencing popular culture, internet trends, and creating multimillionaire celebrities. YouTube has reported revenues of $19.8 billion in 2020. After Google, YouTube is the most visited website worldwide, with over one billion monthly users. Google's ownership of YouTube has also changed its business model; it no longer generates revenue from advertisements alone. YouTube now offers paid content such as movies and exclusive content. YouTube and approved creators participate in Google's AdSense program, which generates more revenue for both parties.
YouTube has expanded beyond the website into mobile apps, network television, and to permitting other services like Discord and Nintendo to be linked to it. The range of videos on YouTube includes music videos, video clips, short films, feature films, documentaries, audio recordings, corporate sponsored movie trailers, live streams, vlogs, as well as content from popular YouTubers. Most content is generated by individuals, including collaborations between YouTubers and companies that sponsor them. Since around 2015, established media corporations such as Disney, ViacomCBS, and WarnerMedia have created and expanded their corporate YouTube channels to promote their content to a larger audience. YouTube also acts as a social network by allowing users with a Google account to watch and upload their own videos, comment on videos, rate and respond to comments, like or dislike videos, create playlists, and subscribe to other users and channels.
With billions of hours of content and thousands of niche groups, YouTube has also had a great social impact. As it has grown and evolved, it has become involved in many controversies that have made headline news such as its self-censorship, alleged corporate favoritism, allowing its users to spread conspiracy theories, and issues regarding child safety and wellbeing.

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  1. caffeinemachine

    I New Video Course on General Topology on YouTube

    Hello Everyone! I created a YouTube channel (here's the link) a few years ago in which I post detailed lectures in mathematics. I just started a series on General Topology. Following is a snapshot from a video. I mean to deliver a comprehensive course with a lot of pictures and intuition and...
  2. Y

    Need suggestion of a site to download youtube videos

    Hi I want to get suggestion on a safe site to download youtube videos. I don't want to just take anything I find online. Anyone heard of JDownload? Thanks
  3. caffeinemachine

    I Feedback for my YouTube Videos on Real Analysis

    Some time back I posted about my videos on Group Theory on YouTube and got valuable feedback from the PF community. With the response in mind, I made substantial changes to my presentation. One of the main complaints was that I was speaking too fast. Here is my recent video on Real Analysis...
  4. jedishrfu

    The Youtube Science Spam Problem

    Kyle Hill has done a rough analysis of Youtube Science channel content and says that there is a spam problem at Youtube where folks are creating content at an astonishing rate of poor quality science videos for monetary gain.
  5. jedishrfu

    Great Youtube Video Review of the GPT-4 Paper

    Gets into a lot of stuff tucked away in the 98 page report from OpenAI on GPT-4. - GPT-4 can process a lot more text in queries than GPT-3.5 - training data cutoff was at 2021 same as ChatGPT but it seems that the ChatGPT cut off was later in the year. - in contrast Bing with GPT-4 can search...
  6. P

    A Popular Pseudoscience Video on General Relativity: Analysis & Criticism

    Here is the video: [link deleted by moderators] His basic idea is to take the spacetime interval and add a 5th term for the 5th dimension he is describing so it looks like: $$\Delta S^2 = c^2\Delta t^2 + c^2\Delta w^2 - \Delta x^2 - \Delta y^2 - \Delta z^2 $$ where w is the difference in time...
  7. caffeinemachine

    I Full Course in Group Theory (and More) on YouTube

    I created a YouTube channel (here's the link) a few months ago in which I post detailed lectures in higher mathematics. I just finished my Group Theory Course. Here is a sample video. Apart from that, so far I have uploaded A first course on Linear Algebra (which I am currently renovating). A...
  8. gmax137

    FB and youtube videos -- mirror imaging

    Does anyone know why this mirror imaging happens?
  9. Isopod

    What are the Best Animated Videos on YouTube?

    I really like watching peoples animation and movie short videos on Youtube, so I thought I'd create a thread here where people can share animated videos that they've seen recently which they thought were good. Here's a 1st one: "Happiness"
  10. S

    Consumer society and YouTube

    Currently in the whole word the consumer society is dominating. This is shown, for example, by the fact, that most people are anxious very much about their revenue and prosperity. As far as I know, there was not such anxiety in 19th century. The realities of our century, for example, are that...
  11. LarryS

    I Check out this YouTube video on EM waves in free space

    I've always had difficulty grasping why the electric and magnetic fields are in phase in EM waves in a vacuum. Of course, Maxwell's Equations imply that is the case, but I had a hard time intuitively visualizing it. Then I found this short video on YouTube. I would appreciate your opinion...
  12. S

    I An interesting question from Veritasium on YouTube

    Veritasium on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/veritasium/community has posted this problem, inviting viewers to say what would happen: Is the following answer correct?
  13. hagopbul

    Looking for YouTube playlists

    Hello : i was looking into youtube the other day and watching some lectures , but start to wonder if there is a playlist for exercise solving on youtube for example for undergraduate math and physics ? do anyone knows of such channels or playlists ? Best Regards Hagop
  14. J

    Sixty Symbols YouTube question guy

    I love the Sixty Symbols you tube videos. But I'm curious, does anyone know who the whiny-voiced guy who sometimes asks off-screen questions is? Thanks.
  15. I

    Molecular Bio/Genetics YouTube playlist needed for Genomic Data Scienc

    I am from physics background and I need some background in Genetics to learn Genomic Data Science. So, can people here suggest some youtube playlist ? I have not studied biology for a long time , so no idea about biology. Suggestions welcome Thanks
  16. murshid_islam

    B A question about a YouTube video on Thales's Theorem

    Here is the video in question: In the video at 4:23, Michael says, "Now Thales's Theorem tells us that the two other points, where these rays contact the circumference, are diametrically opposed. They are on opposite sides of the circle and a line passing through them will pass through the...
  17. david2

    Music Making Music with YouTube Videos - Have You Seen It?

    Hi, Some years ago I saw a youtube video in which a song was made using other youtube videos with people playing a single instrument or people singing. They just mixed the videos together to make a new song.It was awesome! I cannot find it, anyone knows?
  18. Wrichik Basu

    LIGO India is hosting a series of live talks on Youtube

    LIGO India EPO (Education and Public Outreach) team is hosting a series of talks on Youtube. No registration or any formalities; just tune into the LIGO India EPO Youtube channel and you can attend the lectures. Following is the list of upcoming talks: 20th April: Speaker: Prof. Ajith...
  19. SamRoss

    Can YouTube videos be translated on phones for ELLs?

    Many of my foreign language students do not have computers at home, only phones. I have tried unsuccessfully to find ways for translated subtitles to appear in YouTube videos when played on a phone. Does anyone here have a solution? (Specific solutions for Android, iPhone, and Galaxy would be...
  20. S

    Your favorite non-Math/Sci YouTube experts?

    I assume there are resource lists on the forum that mention Science and Math experts on YouTube. What about experts in other fields? My favorites are in the building trades since I'm currently fixing up a house. Plumber Steve Lavimoniere: https://www.youtube.com/user/stevenlavimoniere Stucco...
  21. H

    B Looking for opinions on YouTube Fermilab videos

    I've come across a few different videos from this person and I'm curious if they are accurate enough to rely on.
  22. S

    Unable to play Youtube videos

    I have a Dell Windows 10 machine new in January. Lately when trying to watch any YouTube video on the Edge browser I get the (particularly unhelpful) message "An error occurred. Please try again later." with a video ID number. I'm sure my internet connection is fast enough - I can watch videos...
  23. L

    How to replicate NetworkChuck videos (Youtube)?

    Hi, My question is how exactly do I make professional-looking courses like NetworkChuck (On YouTube) and screen recording courses for Udemy/Skillshare/Teachable? I run Windows 10 and I'm looking for specific hardware and software that I need to replicate youtube videos and videos for courses...
  24. jedishrfu

    SmarterEveryDay on Youtube Video Algorithm Hacking

    SmarterEveryDay is posting a series of videos (this is the first one) on Youtube Video Identification hacking, what it is and how it affects what we see online. Its really good even though the notion of manipulating the Youtube algorithm is very disturbing.
  25. ZapperZ

    Is YouTube Responsible For Creating Flat-Earth Believers?

    Please say it ain't so! A researcher from Texas Tech University presented her findings at the recent AAAS Meeting, and found that most people started to believe in the Flat Earth idea after viewing YouTube videos! It is symptomatic of many things in this day and age. People use things they...
  26. W

    A Reverse-engineering YouTube Recommenders?

    Hi, This is just out of curiosity. I have been hearing music from YouTube for a while. It seems no matter where I start I end up in the same two songs, as sort of "Attractors". Can I use the "path" generated by a specific song as a seed ( first one I listen to in a given internet session) and...
  27. Mark44

    Auto/Motor Interesting Youtube videos on fixing nonworking engines

    I've recently viewed a bunch of YouTube videos by mustie1. Here's one, in which he repairs an old generator that hasn't run for years -- In other videos that I've seen, he takes mopeds, motorcycles, and a variety of things with small engines, and gets them running, even some with frozen...
  28. Ygggdrasil

    YouTube purging chemistry videos

    Chemistry World (a magazine published by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry) is reporting that YouTube seems to indiscriminately be taking chemistry videos off of the site and banning the creators of those videos...
  29. starstruck_

    Some good physics educators on youtube?

    HI! I'm in first year physics right now doing the second part of my course - electricity and electromagnetism, and I'm REALLY struggling. This is mostly due to the fact that other than very basic, grade 11 circuits, I had no base going into electricity for first year physics because my teacher...
  30. scottdave

    Death by light saber - YouTube video

    I came across this YouTube video describing some of the "science" behind light sabers, and what it would be like to be hit with one. I thought it was worth sharing.
  31. M

    B Unusual question about video experiment on YouTube

    Hello, I have found a YT video which shows some kind of experiment. You see a wooden toothpick suspended on a spider's web single thread and covered by a jar. Then a you see a man who holds a few plastic straws in his hand. He closes them to the toothpick and it slowly moves (which is seen if...
  32. I

    Creating YouTube content based on physics

    Hello I wish to create my own physics problem videos like PatrickJMT. I emailed him about that on his webpage, but he did not reply. Can anyone tell me how to create maths/physics videos like him ? Thanks
  33. A

    Trusting Physics channels on YouTube

    Should I trust what people say like Vsauce or MinutePhysics about content or should I double check the information always?
  34. Grands

    Are most of the YouTube videos fakes?

    Hi guys. I noticed that online there are a lots of explication about the fact that many famous you tubers post fake video. They post video that seems spontaneous, but it seems that it isn't like that, because they pay actors to play. What do you think ?
  35. jedishrfu

    Cool Mobile Robot Project on Youtube

    This is really cool using PVC pipes and 6 motors. Imagine how you could extend it with various sensors and making it autonomous:
  36. liometopum

    How to easily view YouTube videos frame by frame

    I wanted to share this updated website. To easily watch YouTube videos, frame by frame, go to http://www.watchframebyframe.com Insert the video link, and you can easily move from frame to frame. This is a major upgrade from www.rowvid.com, by the same people, I think. For example: 1...
  37. BillTre

    Are You Ready to Witness Declassified Nuclear Bomb Tests on YouTube?

    Here is a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory YouTube playlist of 64 recently declassified nuclear bomb test videos.
  38. jedishrfu

    Great YouTube Animation of Earthquakes over Time

    This is a great video animation of earthquake activity across the Earth over time:
  39. S

    What does the YouTube HTML5 page do?

    What does the YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/html5 do for people? Is it just information? Does it configure something on YouTube itself that recognizes a given computer or browser and causes YouTube to uses html5 playback when that computer or browser visits YouTube? (If so, does this...
  40. Newtonfalls

    A Anti Gravity Spray on YouTube

    Hi, ok another strange question: how does this work: <link to video deleted> or what exactly is the science behind it? I saw it on BBC and they told something like "the low density of the gas is a result of the radioactive decay" i don´t get it. maybe someone could explain.
  41. doggonemess

    Wanted: specific youtube science series, forgot who made it....

    This is a desperate attempt to find a set of videos I saw about a year ago on YouTube. It was not one of the big, well known guys like Veritasium or SciShow, it was just one middle aged guy. He explained scientific advancements through history, and gave really, really detailed accounts of how...
  42. Garlic

    I Youtube video about the sound of a pulsar

    Hello PF, I found this youtube video about the sound of a pulsar, and I have been wondering if this sound is really the radio signals of a pulsar converted into sound, or something fake. Thank you Link:
  43. jedishrfu

    What Science are You? ScienceWars from Science Youtube Channel

    Sharing this funny video from the ASAPScience channel:
  44. I

    Schools Any good YouTube channels for 'College Physics' (algebra)

    Hey everyone, I am currently taking College Physics I which covers basic mechanics, Newtonian physics, and some other various topics. It is algebra based, as I didn't have physics in high school. I was wondering if there are any good YouTube channels that you all find helpful? I normally watch...
  45. G

    Precession, Weight & Conservation of Angular Momentum

    Many of you might have seen veritasium's video on the "Anti-gravity wheel". Through one of the comments, I was introduced to the idea that the reason the apparatus is so easy to lift is because the energy to do so comes from the spin of the wheel, i.e. its rotation slows down as it is lifted and...
  46. MikeInHD

    Creating a Real Life Halo Energy Sword?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I make YouTube videos where I talk about science in video games / pop culture. Being a mechanical engineer I can usually get by pretty good, but this one has me totally lost. Could the Halo energy sword actually exist and if so, how could we (or the universe)...
  47. T

    YouTube Videos Extremely Choppy (Ubuntu 15.04)

    When watching videos on Ubuntu 15.04, youtube videos are being EXTREMELY choppy. HTML5 player is on, and it's still choppy. I turned off hardware acceleration, and same result. It's getting to the point where it's annoying.
  48. lisab

    YouTube Classics, Part Deux

    A continuation of YouTube Classics. Playing trombone to 'wildlife':
  49. narrator

    Visual Aids & Videos to Help You Learn Physics - Sanctioned by Physics Forums

    To some degree I can cope with Jargon and formulas, but they often slow me down to the point where I stall. I learn best with either visual aids or analogies that I can picture. And that's why I find videos so helpful. For example, I loved Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. His cosmic calendar is such...
  50. Garth

    News IS Hack of US Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts

    This is the most disturbing news US Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts have been hacked by a group claiming to back Islamic State. Firstly are we sure it is the IS? Secondly how did they do it, and surely the military/government ought to be on top of the game with security...