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Limit of 10^n/n! as n-> infinity

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    Can anyone please suggest a solution to the problem:

    lim 10n/(n!)
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    Re: Calculus

    When n is large, the numerator is much larger than the demoninator, so the limit is 0, surely?
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    Re: Calculus

    Are you sure? When n is small, the numerator is larger, but when n gets large, the denominator is actually larger.

    EDIT: Next time, put a question like this in the 'Homework Questions' section. That's where it should be, and you'll also probably get a response faster that way.
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    Re: Calculus

    My bad, got the names the wrong way round ;)
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    Re: Calculus

    No worries, just didn't want to confuse the OP!
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