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Homework Help: Limits of detection/decision/determination

  1. Jan 24, 2006 #1
    Could someone help me clarify the differences between the limts of detection, decision and determination. I've looked around for various definitions for each, and many seem awfully similar.

    Could someone also clarify, what are the implications of each for chemical analysis? I have idea for what I think is the limit of detection, but since the differences are a bit sketchy I don't want to push it:redface:
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    it's actually a very important experimental concept, in particular with experiments involving calibration along with its mathematical details. You'll want to relate the concept with its mathematical features as well as graphical associations. Is this for instrumental analysis?
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    Yep, for a analytical chem exam (I'm a physicist by trade - and confused).

    I think they're different multipled of the standard deviation, however I'm not how that defines their roles in calibration.analysis.
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