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Lindsey Vonn SI cover controversy

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    Maybe some of you are familiar with Lindsey Vonn, a prodigy alpine skier, often considered the best skier US has. She was features in Sports Illustrated magazine and she made the cover.
    The shoot for the cover can be seen here:

    http://www.theskichannel.com/image/news/20100203_Lindsey_Vonn_SI_cover_456.jpg [Broken]

    This specific shoot stirred some controversy lately. There was a strong current saying that the Lindsey's pose is highly sexual, and that SI objectifies women with such shoots.

    While I can understand that some dumbass man may feel threatened by the sexuality of highly successful women, I do not understand why some females feels that that using you sexuality in addition to other attributes contributes to "woman objectifying", "anti-feminist", "sexist" , and make such a big drama from it. I can only see envy. Women envious on successful women who also happen to look very hot. So if they cant make it there, they scream foul play and sexism.

    IMO there is nothing wrong in using your body and looks to reap more benefits, gaining wider exposure and popularity. We are after all defined by a conglomerate of qualities, and certainly looks is one of those qualities . Vonn is exceptional , strong minded , made it to elite levels in sport, and hot. Why the hell not use *all* she got ?

    What's your take ? Is the cover sexist ? Should women avoid using their sensuality and sexuality ?
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    The photo on the cover has her in a tuck position, which is normally done to reduce drag while maintaining stability.

    Perhaps the sexuality is in the mind of the beholder.
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    Perhaps, but why the drama in the mind of those who see it sensual ?
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    I think this time its in the beholder of the magazine
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    Some apparently think so. SI (and many other magazines) put attractive women on the cover. Popular magazines exploit sensuality and sexuality - because it sells.

    IMO - it's silly - but that's me. I don't buy or read such magazines. I unfortunately have to pass by them in the racks at the checkout counters in grocery stores.

    That's a personal decision. Human sexuality/sensuality is emphasized in popular culture. Apparently many accept it, and many don't, and some of the latter are vocal opponents.

    Some/many men want an attractive mate/wife/gf, and some/many women want an attractive mater/husband/bf, and members of both genders struggle with feelings of inadequacy or insecurity when comparing themselves to elevated standards of what is portrayed or projected as being highly attractive.

    And certainly a magazine wishing to maximize sales will select an attractive person, possibly in a sensual or sexually appealing position, and the bonus comes with the controversy.
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    There is nothing sexual in this picture. Seriously, one should be sick in their mind to imagine something else about this picture. This is quite laughable.
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    People will find anything to complain about. The only problem I have with that picture is her hair isn't being blown back when she is obviously traveling downhill at high velocities.
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    oooohhh, my, I'm not feeling too well---

    (or, what is that feeling?--hmmmm)
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    I agree completely...move along, folks, nothing to see here.

    It's somewhat reminiscent of the comments made by clerics about Marjan Kalhor, the first woman winter Olympian from Iran.

    http://www.cnn.com/2010/SPORT/02/10/iran.olympic.skier/" [Broken]
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    you know that more than often saying things like that just brings more attention to something...

    That Farrah Fawcet poster...

    I wonder if they're still for sale?
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    She's a beautiful young woman and one heck of a skier. I hope she can overcome her injury and race in all 5 events that she had been planning on. Her last training session was called off on account of fog (poor visibility), which her husband called "fantastic" because it gave her an additional day to rest and heal. Good luck!

    BTW, when Mark Spitz was on the cover, bare-chested with all his medals, I remember women commenting on how handsome he was. I don't recall anybody up in arms because the cover was "sexist".
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    So am I the only one who thinks that she locks like she is about to take a dump on an inclined toilet?:yuck:

    The only problem with the pic is that it fails at being sexy.
  15. Feb 12, 2010 #14
    that reminds me of the fox and the grapes parable
  16. Feb 12, 2010 #15
    Its not the case. I am not saying that she is not a very good looking woman. What I am saying is that the pic certainly doesn't do her justice
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    I saw articles about her skiing picture and there was never any mention of the picture being sexual, so I don't know what DanP's beeen reading. The hubbub was about her getting what was seen as commercial coverage promotingn her right before the she competed in the Olympics as an amateur.

    It's the SWIMSUIT issue she posed for that raised eyebrows.

  18. Feb 12, 2010 #17
    http://www.violetvillevintage.com/ebay/flappered-1213923133-13647.jpg [Broken]

    and these were considered TOO SEXY at one time too!

    hubba! HUBBA!


    raised eyebrows are to let more light into the eyes, supposedly


    http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/pr/subs/swimsuit/images/10_lindsey-vonn_01.jpg [Broken]

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010_swimsuit/winter/lindsey-vonn/10_lindsey-vonn_1.html [Broken]

    (it does look photoshopped though)
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    Turbo was right, my source was Yahoo. Anyway, the details are irrelevant. Whatsoever it's a swimsuit spread, posing on SI cover, downright porn, or anything else ...

    Why is she judged ?

    Frankly, she raised at a level where less than 0.5% of humans( yeah, man and women , its irrelevant) have the slightest chance to go. Her mental and physical attributes are a given, anyone who think that you can go elite level in sport without both of them is delusional. She *proved* superiority to most of human beings alive :devil:

    Why her fellow "sisterhood" feel so intimidated, weak and pathetic to try to rob her of her success , both as a sportsman and as a very good looking and sexually appealing chick ?

    What the hell is wrong with a women spreading on a cover ? I don't get it.
  22. Feb 12, 2010 #21


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    It has to do with the supposed "pure" image people want of the Olympic athletes. Doesn't bother me at all, but IIRC, pre Olympic publicity has always been frowned upon. They're supposed to earn their lucrative advertising endorsements after the games.

    I'm not into the Olympics, so I doubly don't care.
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    She should be wearing a helmet, making her hair irrelevant.
  24. Feb 12, 2010 #23
    I hate two-plankers, but she is fine!
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    One look at that SI cover and I decided to take up skiing. My wife supported me in this until she set eyes on it. Now I've decided to take up physical therapy.
  26. Feb 12, 2010 #25
    Why ?
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