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Homework Help: Linear and circular accelerators

  1. Mar 8, 2014 #1
    The Government in its "smart state" initiative wants a linear or circular accelerator for research and commercial use. Compile a recommendation on which one they should use.

    2. No equations just need knowledge on Linear (Linac) and Circular (Synchotron) accelerators

    3.The circular accelerator is more costly to build and to run than the linear accelerator and can provide very high energy particles without having to be of tremendous length. Bearing in mind that and the government wanting to use an accelerator for research, the Circular accelerator would be best suited for its research needs. The government would be able to comfortably afford a circular accelerator and since they want to use it for research purposes the last thing they would want is incorrect.

    Please help me out, what more should I add.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    I think this report needs to show that you understand the relative merits and limitations of the types of accelerator. So you should just list them - that would just be about reading your course notes.
    You may also want to compare existing accelerators of the different types.

    From what you've written - I would wonder what it is about the government's research that particularly suits a circular accelerator. Are you really more likely to be "incorrect" (whatever that means) with a linear accelerator? Perhaps the particular research the govt has in mind is more economically performed on the linear one? Ire good results worth any amount of money?
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