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Linear functions/translation of graphs

  1. Aug 27, 2008 #1
    The question is

    Graph f(x)=X^3-3x. Does it have any high or low points? What about symmetry?

    Okay the problem I'm having is what formula to use with a ^3 on the X, my previous 2 problems I did by using the quad formula, those questions were f(x)= 2x^4+4x^2-1, and f(x)= 16x^2+4x-3 respectively.
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    f(x)= x^3- 3x= x(x^2- 3). What values of x makes f(x)= 0? What happens between those values of x?
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    f(x) = f(-x)?

    f(-x) = -f(x)?
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