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Links between code or noparse tags (maybe a bug)

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    Code (Text):
    [/PLAIN] [Broken]

    I don't think it should be clickable. Also, if I right-click and choose "copy link location", this ends up in my clipboard:


    Is it supposed to be like this? I used noparse tags here to prevent the software from shortening the URL. Note that the first line is clickable, but the link is broken.
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    I think you're right on both accounts.

    Won't be a problem in a couple months :)
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    Give us more info!! Will we have a new PF by the end of the year? Damn, I'm hyped! What's gonna change?! I seriously want to know!
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    Glad you're excited! PF 4.0 is coming. We'll update everyone when the time gets closer :)
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