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Links section not working — and some nexus-prime discrepancies

  1. Oct 23, 2007 #1
    the link to the links section seems to be broken :biggrin: .

    also, some of the buttons that are available on the nexus skin aren't available on the prime skin (links, quiz don't show on prime, while the little plus button that prime has to see the entire first post doesn't show on the nexus skin)
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    Nexus hasn't been supported for ages as Greg likes to remind us. I don't know whats up with the links section but I presume its been abandoned since its no longer available in prime.
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    The Nexus skin will likely be dropped within the next year. Please switch to prime :)
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    ok, not that I used it often... I've only gone nexus twice; it's too distracting for my A.D.D. everything moves and is shiny! :surprised

    why did the links section get dropped though? it didn't seem to have too much activity, but maybe if people were more aware of it it could be a great source of information. the internet is so over-saturated that it's hard to find all the good stuff; the links section with the rating system and all was a great idea methinks.
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    In Prime, the links section was removed in order to put a link up for the forum rules.
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    Really? IMHO before that, Prime should include the time of the last post in addition to just "today" so we know which forum to check out. I also prefer Nexus' distinctive header to the bland one in Prime without any logo, but this is only a matter of personal taste, not skin functionality...
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