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Lists of Conferences and Workshops

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    (Assuming everything goes according to plan)
    I have been offered a research assistance-ship this coming fall, and I'll have a certain amount of money that's intended to cover a decent amount of travel to conferences since I do theory work and my mentor has a decent grant.

    I went to the American Physical Society April Meeting for 2012, and I thought it was a great experience as my first conference and I'll probably be looking at the conferences that my mentor goes to as my first priorities, but I'd like to see if everyone could post the conferences they go to/have heard of. Also, if anyone has good links to lists of conferences. I will be at an REU until late August so I'm concerned with late Sept. 2012 on-wards, mostly.

    I'm also interested in Summer and Winter schools/workshops in any and all topics. I really want to expand what I know and gain some prospective as to what is being done at the forefronts of the various fields within physics.

    I'll probably be looking at choosing my list of graduate schools to apply to this coming Fall and Spring and I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet. I have a very specialized set of skills, and that's probably not healthy...hence I'd like to do what I can to learn about other fields :)
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    Bumping this.

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    So, out of curiosity, since you've attended the APS conference and presumably, you are an APS member, don't you receive mailings (both via e-mail and the APS Newsletter) on all the conferences and workshops that the APS sponsors/co-sponsors?

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    Ermmm most of what they mail me goes to my university, I just use my access to Phys Rev D online and I think I checked my member information once while signing up for the conference and I'm not sure if I'm set up to receive emails? I get APS membership through the Society of Physics Students.

    I didn't know there were other APS sponsored conferences, I only knew about the March and April meetings. I'll look now, though
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