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Liter estimations for a plankton net and copepods

  1. Jan 26, 2017 #1
    1. You tow a plankton net submerged just below the surface of the Pacific Ocean for 100 meters. How many liters of seawater is filtered through the plankton net?

    2. You count 50 copepods in 1 mL of the plankton net's collection vial.
    A. Estimate the number of copepods in the entire collection goal.
    B. Estimate the number of copepods/L of the seawater that you sampled.
    C. Estimate the number of copepods in the top 1 meter of the Pacific Ocean.

    Relevant information:
    Net measurements:
    - the circumference of the circular mouth of the net is 47cm. The length of the net is 211cm. The collection vial holds 1000 mL.

    My attempts:
    1. I determined the volume by mutiplying 47 and 211. I then multipled that answer by 100 to get 9.917x10^5 cm. I converted that to liters and got 9.917x10^2 L.

    2. The collection vial is 1000 mL so I multiplied 50 copepods by 1000 to get 50,000 copepods for part A.

    Part b: I converted 1 mL to L and divided my answer (50,000) by it to get 5x10^7 copepods per liter.

    Part C. I don't even know where to begin but I guess convert my answer from b to meters?
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    I don't think you got the volume in 1 right. Check the units.

    You will need Pacific Ocean surface for 2c.
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