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In Irish mythology Neit (Néit, Nét, Neith) was a god of war. He was the husband of Nemain and/or Fea, and sometimes of Badb. Also grandfather of Balor, he was killed at the legendary Second Battle of Moytura.

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  1. FQVBSina

    Question about net work and displacement

    I know that by physics definition if displacement is zero, work is zero. However, if I push an object 5 m to the east, and then move to the other side of the object and push it 5 m back to the west. I think in this case I have always done positive work on the object and hence the total work...
  2. scottdave

    Netiquette Core Rules

    I am taking an online course on Analytics Modeling from Georgia Tech. The introductory section included a link to a list of core Netiquette Rules, which I find pretty useful.
  3. P

    Net force on wedge and block

    Homework Statement [/B] For the situation shown in the diagram, the block of mass m remains in place on the sloping front of the accelerating wedge, even though that sloping front is frictionless. Given these values, M = 20.0 kg, m = 4.00 kg, and theta= 34.0, calculate the net force acting on...
  4. Palak Verma

    What is the definition of net upward force?

    To keep the can immersed, an external downward force is needed to balance the net upward force(=F'b-W).
  5. T

    Silly current path thought experiment

    Hi, I want to varify something that I intuitively know (I think), that might not seem intuitive. If an electrical current is circulating and then it's path splits in two, where there is a circulating current. The larger current (black) will have to pass through this loop; what I want to varify...
  6. V

    Bond energy - (Force/ potential E vs interatomic separation)

    Hey guys, So, I was in my materials lecture today and something the lecturers and the tutors said was slightly confusing. We were talking about the repulsion and attraction force between atoms. This is all good as I can understand how if two atoms will repel each other if they get really close...
  7. N

    Length of a ramp

    Homework Statement You are passing a construction site on the way to physics class, and stop to watch for a while. The construction workers appear to be going on a coffee break, and have left a large concrete block resting at the top of a wooden ramp connecting one of the building's upper...
  8. T

    Help with net for a frustum

    I need to make a net for a frustum. The following web page explains how to do it... I have tried but am unable to do this complicated, advanced (o.k basic) math. In the following figure I have the values R,r and h. R = 40 r = 35 h =...
  9. N

    Work question

    Homework Statement A student holds a book at rest on the palm of her hand. She lifts the book straight up, bringing it to rest again at a higher point. 1. Is the net work done on the book positive, negative, or zero? 2. Is the change in the gravitational potential energy positive, negative...