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Local max/min of Mathematica data sets.

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    Is there a way in Mathematica to find the local maxima of a set of points? I have a fairly fine data set, and I can clearly see several peaks in it that I would like to know the numerical value of (as in, the highest point- I don't need a spline approximation or anything too fancy like that). I have already smoothed the set, so I'd rather not fit polynomials if possible.

    Additionally, is there a way to find the expected zeros of a set? Let's say that I have two points in order, and somewhere between them the measured response value drops to negative. I know I can find this manually, but there are enough zeroes that I would prefer not to. I am not too picky regarding whether the guessed zero is based on a linear connection between the two points or some sort of exotic polynomial or spline.

    Thanks very much.
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    Suppose you have




    Test these carefully on sample data to make certain I haven't made any mistakes.

    Then study how and why these work so that you can use these methods yourself in the future.
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    Sorry about the delay in replying. That worked perfectly, like your suggestions always do. Thanks very much for your help.
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