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Lockheed Martin vs Northrup Grumman.

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1
    What are the primary differences between the two companies listed above. What direction is each one going in? I saw a youtube video about lockheed martin focusing more on weapons such as the emf missiles they are working on. I also saw that Northrup Grumman were focusing more on drones. I am planning on working at one of these companies but not sure which one I like better.
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    They are both enormous companies with a lot of operations in very different areas. The difference between groups of Lockheed or Northrup Grumman would be more than the collective difference between the two companies. So, your question doesn't really have much of an answer. What direction is each one going in? All directions.

    Pick the group you want to work with and the work you want to do.
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