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Log section - encouragements, research and more

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    My idea for an addition to the site would be a section where you could keep a log. The idea with this is that people who would like to share their work has an opportunity to do so. Also, this log could be like a "workout" logbook where you share what you have done during the day math and physics related - e.g. which problems you solved, what you read, and general thoughts related to these topics. People could then comment and give encouragement and suggestions.

    I would start a log immediately.
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    How is this different from a blog, which you can do right now?
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    Did not know that blogs were implemented here, as I couldn't find it on the front page, but I found it with a google search after you pointed it out. Sorry for the stupid suggestion then! I still think it would be beneficial to give it more focus on the front page of the forums. Let's make this my inital suggestion ^^
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