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Suggestion for New Section - Theoretical

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    I noticed that I am not the only one that dabbles in exploring the theoretical, and this always seems to cause problems in one form or another. On one hand,the purists want to keep the forums clean so they can be used for legitimate research and reference. A rather admiral goal, considering this is open to the public. On the other hand those of us that want to research a valid question that goes against the grain of the current norm often feel like we are getting slapped down. I can understand that too many want to post some wacky idea that makes sense, then someone else comes along and gets lost in the mix, no one takes time to really consider what they are trying to say. Maybe their wording was off, maybe you simply are not understanding the context which they are trying to express. So they get slapped down with all the rest. So what I ask is, if you want to keep the forums clean and uncluttered then give us crazy people our own section.
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    Physics Forums used to have an "independent research" forum. It did not work out very well and is one of the reasons PF is not open to speculative threads. An anonymous internet forum is not a good place for discussions on new research, which should be done within the appropriate scientific community.
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    In all the years of this forum, this never happened. We just got some four-digit number of ideas that did not make sense at all. The ratio is just too bad.

    Edit: Didn't see Orodruin closed the thread already.
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