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Looking for a good intro text for game theory

  1. Jul 8, 2013 #1
    Hey all, so my university's game theory course never runs due to lack of students signing up for it, so I'm taking it upon myself to learn what I can about this fascinating subject. I'm specifically looking for a game theory text which is:

    a) introductory
    b) for upper-level math undergraduates
    c) mathematically-focused (I'm more interested in the mechanics of the subject than the economic or certainly political applications)

    I've been scanning Amazon reviews n such for an hour or so now, and so far the books by Tadelis, Osborne, and González-Díaz look good. What would you guys choose?
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    Osborne-Rubinstein would be my go-to for that level. Osborne is fine though a bit more elementary. Tadelis looks fine, but I don't really know it.

    If you're a strong math undergrad, you should be fine with a grad text like Fudenberg-Tirole.

    If you're a math type not that interested in economic content, you could consider looking into algorithmic GT (basically the CS version instead of the econ version). For that, the AGT book edited by Nisan, Roughgarden, Tardos, and Vazirani is supposed to be good.
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