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Looking for new HP calculator - 35S or 50g?

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    OK, my trusty 25 year old 32S II is finally showing its age - a row of buttons on the right side of the keyboard seem to have some intermittent connectivity problem. So, I figure it is time to upgrade. I want RPN - algebraic entry is irrelevant to me.

    The choices seem to be either the 35S or the 50g. I like the 35S as the layout seems to be very similar my 32SII. The 50g is enticing as it has graphing capability, although I have lived without it for all these years and I'm not sure I really need it. Moreover, the keyboard layout of the 50g seems to be a compromise to accommodate algebraic notation - I like the large enter button on the left side on the 32SII and the 35S whereas the 50g has it tucked away in the bottom right hand corner.

    From a capability standpoint, I know that the 50g has RPL, external SD card, etc. etc. Not sure I need all that stuff. Basically, I am looking for inputs from anyone who has used either or both of these models and and comment on them.

    I am an electrical engineer, working in semiconductor R&D, if that matters.

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    Thanks, I'll check that out!
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    I'd get the 35s. I bought a 50g, and the OS and keys feel very clunky compared to the earlier HP graphing calculators. Doing anything on the 50g just feels slow compared to my older HPs, my TI 89, or my non-graphing HPs.
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    The Hp 35s is a direct decendant of the Hp 32sii. Aside from an awkward Hex, DEC, BIN conversion change and a larger, bulkier frame, everything else is better (aside from build quality). An Hp 35s seems to be designed to last 3-5 years of moderate to heavy use vs older Hp's would last for decades. The Hp 50G is a much more feature rich calculator, but if you liked your Hp 32sii, you will probably like the Hp 35s better than the bulkier Hp 50G.
    If I were you, I would strongly consider buying an older used Hp. Some of the following are my suggestions: an Hp 48G (often selling for $50 in excellent condition, same price as a NEW Hp 35s and will probably last longer, has same keyboard quality as your Hp 32sii). Perhaps another Hp 32sii if you can find one for $100 in decent shape. If your budget can support a $100 calculator, you might also consider the Swiss Micro DM15L. It is a far better calculator for EE than your former Hp 32sii. It is probably a bit better quality than an Hp 35s. I recently bought an DM41L (Hp 41c type clone) and can confirm good build quality from this small scale custom calculator maker. Some day, Swiss Micro may even sell an Hp 42s type calculator! You may even have an interest in the DM16L calculator.
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