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Looking for some physics guidence please

  1. Jun 13, 2013 #1
    Looking for some physics guidence please....

    Hello guys. Basically im not studying or in any form of education im actually a aerospace engineer so don't really have much to do with this field unlike you guys apart from a big interest. I love astrology, and the physics involved etc and often read about the standard model and how things work at the quantum level and find it amazing. However as I left school 10 years ago now my very basic understanding of atomic structures, energy states, etc is a little crap to say the least which leaves me really struggling when reading about more in depth concepts. Is there any books or websites out there that will take me back to basics and get me working in the rite direction please guys.

    cheers Rick
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    I would recommend my Modern Physics book "Modern Physics" by Paul A Tipler and Ralph Llewellyn. My class recommended the sixth edition, but I used the fifth edition and had no problems. It is quite easy to read and follow along with although the special relativity portion wasn't that clear to me at first. The other stuff was really good and if you can get a hold of the solutions manual you should do well reading the book and working through the problems.
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    BTW, astrology is not physics!
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    Agreed. Perhaps he meant astronomy? I hope he meant astronomy.
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