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Looking for U. with research in Quantum Information Science and AMO

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    I'm trying to find grad schools to apply to, and I'm particularly interested in universities with strong programs in quantum information science/quantum optics/quantum computing (what each university calls it seems to change depending on who's funding it). I haven't gotten my physics subject test score back yet, but I suspect it's not stellar and so I'm trying to find schools that do research in this area that aren't in the top 20 for physics grad schools.

    So are there any (US) schools out there that do research in this area that aren't ivy league and/or top 20?
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  3. Oct 26, 2009 #2
    Rochester and Rice were a couple that came to mind. I would venture to say that a majority of schools will have at least one person working in the field.
  4. Oct 26, 2009 #3
    Thanks. I'll look into those. I'm hoping to find schools with more than one person, as then you're just kind of stuck working with that one person, but I've had trouble finding which schools have research in this area. At least, I've had trouble finding schools I think I actually have a chance of getting in...
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