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Losing my mind over Stoichiometry!

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    Alright, here we go... First off I just want to warn you all that I'm very bad @ math, so this might take a little explanation. I'm currently in a Gen Chem class and can't get a grasp on this Stoichiometry stuff. One of the ?'s I'm looking at is this:

    1.2g AgNO3 + 0.5g Cu + 100ml H2O ---> Ag + Cu(NO3)2 + H2O

    Now, assuming I'm correct on my equation, how do I even start the "Stoichiometry" process??? I got 1.33g Ag out of the reaction, do I put that into the equation? Please help me. Thank You
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    You start by finding formula weights of each reactant and product. You also must check that your reaction is balanced. Your stoichiometry then is the result. According to how you wrote the unrefined reaction, Ag(0) ------> e + Ag+ and Cu+2 +2e -------> Cu(0).
    You will need to balance these two half reactions through the electrons. This will affect how you write the overall reaction.
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