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Machine malfunction due to Cantilever design!

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    Hello all!

    I work for a machine design & manufacturing firm. We also do machine repairs & refurbishing work.

    We currently have taken up a project where-in an we have to solve a critical problem in an automatic part washing machine. The machine is a multi-stage concept, wherein the parts are loaded in a basket & are transferred from one stage to another by a pusher mechanism.

    These baskets travel and are located in fixtures, but the orientation is in a cantilever state due to which the far end of the basket bends due to the weight. The deflection is almost 20-25mm due to which the basket, when it begins to slide ahead, hits the sliding track and gets stuck.

    Please view attached sketches for knowing the general arrangement of the system.

    View from side : http://imgur.com/EwuIPtZ

    View from top : http://imgur.com/N3KFMQt

    My requirement is to somehow compensate or guide the fixture so as to avoid the deflection due to the cantilever design.

    Hit me up for any more queries! Any help would be appreciated!
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    Is it safe to say the obvious is disallowed? A diagonal brace from top of fixture to far end of basket tray?
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