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Magnetic-like resistance between palms

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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, anyway.
    I earlier read some thread, or on the internet somewhere, about people seeing auras. The explanation was that people seeing them had more connections in the brain which connected the senses, enabling people to see sound etc.

    I am an engineering student, but this is real to me, so I'm just curious as to what it might be. I don't believe in everything I read, I will just explain what I have experienced and maybe you can refer to me some explanation, if there is.

    So, if I hold my hands so that my palms are facing each other rather close. The fingers can be either flat or cupped, or anything in between. After a few seconds, I can feel as if both hands are being attracted when I slowly (slowly!) move them away from each other and vice versa.

    The feeling is the same as if you would put your hand on a table, palm facing up, with one side of a magnet pointing up from your palm and then hold another magnet with the opposite side with your other hand above your hand and move it away and from the magnet. You would feel repulsion (I guess the attraction feeling would be similar too if the magnet was glued to the palm), when the magnet in your palm is slightly pushed down in response to the other magnet. That is kinda how it feels when I move my hands, from or away from each other. But in my case it's as if the whole palm is a magnet, a weak one though.

    It is very identical to the example with the magnet, if I move the hand up or down instead, or just slightly diagonally, I feel as if I can feel the shape of something. You know, as when you let one magnet repell another and you move it around a little. I also seem to be able to widen or narrow the effect, I can move my hands apart for like half a meter or 20 cm and still slightly feel it.

    I recently became more interested in meditation. While meditating (the first time actually), by the end of the session, I remembered about the whole experience with feeling something with my hands and decided to try it and it was the same as any time I tried it.
    My point is, I can replicate the feeling whenever I want to. Note, this has nothing to do with meditation or anything like that, I have never practised any asian "discipline" earlier. Though my mother used to meditate.

    I know this whole thing sounds somewhat silly, I don't believe I have superpowers and there's probably some simple explanation. It's just interesting. Anyone care to enlighten me?
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    I am nearly certain that it is a subconscious response. I used to do some Tai Chi and I could feel the flow of energy through my body. It was very real, but it is not physical. I still think that Tai Chi is really cool, but it does a disservice to physics and Tai Chi to claim that there was some sort of aura or field that was physically changing.

    When I was young, I realized that whenever I put my finger near my forehead I could feel a tingling feeling on my forehead. I tested it and found that whenever I put anything near my forehead I could feel the tingling feeling. I was really excited so I tested it further and found that I only felt something when I was the one doing it. My conclusion was that my brain knew something was near my head and was "alerting" me to it. It was a very real feeling, but I am certain that there was no physical interaction that was causing it. Our brains are very complicated and strange things.
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    You could be right, it's cool though ;).
    I tried replacing one of my hands with my forehead, and still felt that same feeling as I moved my palm towards or away from it. Not so much on my upper arm though. Guess I'll have to try some more. I suppose I could ask someone to try to move their palm away and toward mine, with closed eyes, to see if I could possibly feel something. Note, I didn't claim that it's magnetic or a field of some sort, just used that for analogy.
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    I tried it a couple times and am not getting this effect. It does seem to make my palms feel hypersensitive, though, and each seems to feel the heat radiating off the other.
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    I've experienced a similar thing, my dad showed me how to do it as a kid. On on occasion, we were both sat down and facing each other, very relaxed kind of like meditating. Then I closed my eyes and imagined the ball between my hands (it was how I induced the feeling) and then after about ten seconds (and having kept my eyes closed), I could feel it grow stronger and widened my hands and could still feel it at a greater hand separation than I've managed to maintain it at before, I let it build then eventually opened my eyes and my dad then informed me that he was trying to 'feed' it. It wasn't preordained and I'd never felt it so strong nor did I have any reason to believe that my dad was going to do what he did but nevertheless it happened.

    You might be able to test it in a similar way and see if you get the same results, say a sibling or family member, get them to close their eyes but don't inform them that you're going to try to strengthen it or anything and see how they react. I'd be really interested to see how it goes.
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