Magnetostatics - Determine the magnetic field

  1. Two wires carrying currents of 4A and 6A, respectively, are oriented perpendicular to each other and cross without electrical connection at the origin. Determine the magnetic field magnitude and direction at the point (2, 4).

    [bI don't even know what equation to use for this. All we have learned is that F=qV x B. That doesn't seem to have much bearing on the problem at hand.[/b]

    Don't know where to start...if anyone has a link to something that explains these types of problems that would be highly appreciated. The teacher has been teaching us a chapter of AP Physics a day and I am getting a bit left behind. Thanks.
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    Re: Magnetostatics

    You need to know how to find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field produced by a current-carrying wire. Read this: Hyperphysics: Magnetic Field of Current

    (Hyperphysics is an excellent site in general. Get to know it.)
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    I'm not understanding how to calculate two wires instead of just one. Should I use the equation that involves two currents or calculate both of the wires and somehow combine them?
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    Re: Magnetostatics

    Treat each wire separately. Find the magnetic field at the point in question from each wire, then add them up to find the total field. (Direction counts--the field is a vector quantity.)
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    Alright, thanks...that clarifies a lot.
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