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Majoring in Physics: My Stuation

  1. Oct 31, 2013 #1
    I really want to attend Purdue University and major in Physics; however, I got a horrendous ACT math score (22) compared to the rest of my scores which were great (33 English, 33 reading, 28 science), making a 29 composite.

    I'm retaking the ACT on December 14, but Purdue's deadline to list your major on your application is November 8, or else you won't be considered for scholarships. I know that although I have a good GPA (3.83), with that math score I won't even be considered for Purdue's physics program. Should I list it as my major still and hope that they reconsider after they see my second test, or apply as another major I will get in for sure, then try to change it later?

    Purdue is kind of odd because you're accepted directly into the program you want, and it can be hard to change programs. Advice? Also, any physics "success stories" would be great of people who never took it and and still ended up successful in university!
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    Did you not take sat?

    Having graduated Purdue engineering, I can tell you it's super easy to switch majors. You can start general education if you want and sign up for all your core basic classes, maybe even the physics ones, for the first semester and move to physics by the second semester. You have really good composite and grades. They might suggest a lower math for you, but in engineering there was a math placement test during orientation that carries most weight in placement for math classes.

    Your scores are very competitive and along with your grades should have no problem. Do gen end first semester if you want to be super careful. Very easy to switch later. If there are physics classes reservd d for physics majors ( unlikely in very first semester) you can explain your situation to the instructor of this class and they will let you in.

    Sorry for typos I am on a phone.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great there!
  4. Oct 31, 2013 #3
    Thanks bananapeal! I am currently in Pre-calculus and I'm doing well, but I'd like to probably take a college level Pre-cal class to make sure my high school one didn't miss anything. I am seriously considering going into the exploratory program, visiting both the college of technology and science to see which is best for me. Thanks for the advice!
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