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News Make All Defense Contracts Non-Profit

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    1) I propose that Congress pass a law requiring all defense contracts to be at actual cost.

    2) Under this proposed law, full salaries and wages would still be paid. Such other costs as dividends, executive bonuses, advertising, promotion and the like would not be compensated by the taxpayer.

    3) The savings to the American taxpayer would amount to billions of dollars each year; and the moral shame of profiteering from the miseries of war would be eliminated. Moreover, motivated by profit, the military-industrial complex would be directed at peace instead of war.

    4) It would be nice to assume that patriotic boards of directors would rush to volunteer the services of their firms in the defense of the nation. If not, the Department of Defense would be given the power to “draft” firms for defense work. The personnel of these firms would be given quasi-military status and be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

    5) It may be argued that executives, deprived of their bonuses, might elect to leave such firms for “greener pastures”. Such desertions would not be allowed without the permission of the DOD. Service personnel are not allowed to leave their duty posts just because they find them unpleasant or unrewarding, nor should personnel in defense industries.

    6) For those who argue that it is unfair to deprive stockholders of their dividends or executives of their bonuses, I should like to point out that the monetary and other losses to service personnel called to duty and to their families are a great deal more severe. And, as General Sherman pointed out, “War is hell!”

    7) Finally, if our servicemen and women can withstand harsh and hazardous living conditions, loss of life, crippling, maiming, and disfigurement—then the least that corporations can do is to give up a portion of their profits.
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    uh, yeah. i guess it's a noble thought of sorts, but i'm not convinced it is the true purpose of war. if you have satellite TV, then check out this documentary and see what you think. (you may also be able to find some versions on youtube, etc.) sure, you could socialize hardware development, say with an extension of the Corps of Engineers and various other civil servants. but are you also going to replace Bechtel and Halliburton and the lending agencies?

    http://www.linktv.org/programs/apology-of-an-economic-hitman [Broken]
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    It's unconstitutional in about 15 ways but so what. If Hollywood can say a movie that grossed 500M actually made no money you can bet the DOD contractors will be 'creative'.
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    What garbage. You can't leave your job without permission from the government? I think even the Nazis weren't this bad.
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    This is too "out there" for rational discussion.
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    And if a factory worker quits, under the UCMJ, that's desertion. Hang 'em high!
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