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Bug Making and removing bulleting - trying

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    This is only to form a bulleted list and then try to remove the bulleting. That's all.

    1. Basic Mathematics
    2. Pre-Algebra
    3. Algebra 1
    4. Geometry
    5. Algebra 2
    Making the same list, but then trying to remove bullets:
    Basic Mathematics
    Algebra 1
    Algebra 2
    If this works, the enumeration should be gone from the second copy of the list.

    That worked as I hoped.
    Selected EDIT; highlighted the numbered list with mouse, clicked on the numbered-bullets tool, clicked outside of the list, clicked SAVE CHANGES, and the post showed just the list without the enumeration.

    Next, someone should test this using not with the numbers, but with the dotted bullets to see if they too can be removed.
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    Testing the dotted bullet list removal of the dotted bullets:

    Calculus 1
    Calculus 2
    Calculus 3
    Differential Equations And Linear Algebra

    I see the dotted bullets while composing the first time.
    Now, I just highlighted the list and clicked the bullet tool, and then clicked outside the list.
    Bullets GONE.

    Not know if important, but Windows 10, Google Chrome browser.
    • Windows 10
    • Google Chrome Browser
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    You can use the regular editor to add/remove codes as you like. WYSIWYG editors are always messy if you want anything more than the most basic options.
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