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Making Matter Out of Extra Particles

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    Have we ever observed or created atoms with nuclei made up of charmed and strange quarks, surrounded by a muon "cloud" or "shell"? Or perhaps an atom with a top-and-bottom-quark-nucleus and a tau particle orbiting it?
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    You can have muons in atomic orbitals and you can have strange quarks in the nucleus - these are called hypernuclei. Both are very short lived because they are made of unstable particles.
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    I don't think we have. Muons live long enough to make e.g. muonium, but the heavier quarks (or the nucleus candidates they can form) live too shortly to play these games.
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    Both hypernuclei (at least two nucleons, and at least one of them with a heavier quark) and muons are rare products of high-energetic collisions, getting two of them close enough in phase-space to get bound will happen extremely rarely. I don't know numbers - we might have produced them, but I don't think there are experimental results. Such a study will have a hard time finding a few events in a huge background.

    Individually, they have been observed of course.

    The top-quark is too short-living to get bound in hadrons.
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    Thanks a lot guys. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your straightforward answers :)
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