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Male-Female Strength/Wrestling Question

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    Hi, I'm interested in hearing honest opinions/experiences on male versus female strength. As a perhaps below-average strength guy (150 lbs, can bench 70 lbs ten times at most) I've often found women stronger than me, and many have pinned me in friendly wrestles. Wondering if men or women on this list have experiences to share, I'm curious if women often surprise their male friends or mates by being stronger. Thanks, Kevin
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    An ex challenged me to an arm wrestle and I kicked his butt. I gloated about it and he challenged me to a rematch claiming he "let me win" I beat him again. My current boyfriend challenged me to an arm wrestle and it was an absolute joke. I didnt even hold my own for a moment. Hes a larger guy, he doesnt work out but hes built to have a lot of muscle. I think it just depends on who you are and your lifestyle. I work out every day, run 5 Km, swim etc. Im pretty fit. My ex was a stoner and rarely went outside let alone worked out. He was tall and thin and not really built for arm wrestles
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    When my son was wrestling JV, once in a while there would be a girl entered in tournaments. The chance of getting pinned by a girl was something they had to learn to deal with. In fact, it wasn't that unusual to see a girl finish in the top 3 for JV tournaments.

    Girls do have a disadvantage strength wise, even when things are balanced by weight classes, so it was very unusual to see a girl do very well at the varsity level (but not unheard of).

    Technique, reactions, etc are more important than brute strength, but at a level where all the good wrestlers have excellent technique, the strength started to be a pretty big disadvantage.
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    wrestling women is great foreplay. good times.
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    Small girls can hold alot of unexpected strength. I have been told by several people, I am way stronger than they would have ever guessed. People also seem to think, I'm like a twig or something and will blow away in the wind, lol. It's great to confuse people like that :biggrin:
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    Yes, I was once challenged to arm wrestle a guy and won :biggrin:
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    Hikepoet, don't worry. I don't know how old you are, but as you mature you will be stronger than women your size. I've noticed that now that I'm adult I'm quite a bit stronger than a woman who is the same size as me. That doesn't mean I won't let them win a wrestling match.
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    When I was in 6th grade, my class had an arm wrestling contest. I beat all the boys in my class except one. Of course, none of them had gone through puberty yet...!
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    Exactly. If you're in that 13 to 15 y.o. age range, there's really a good chance that the girls of equivalent size will be stronger than the boys. Once the boys go through puberty though, and start building more muscle mass, if they are the same size, and similar fitness level (I'm not trying to compare couch potatoes to athletes here), the boys will be stronger than the girls.

    As BobG pointed out, though, technique can also play a big role, especially in things like high school sports where there are not only a range of body sizes and pre- vs post-puberty issues, but also a range of skill levels.

    One of my friend's sons is on his high school wrestling team, and one of the other schools in the area has a girl on their team. My friend says the girl really does well. The boys hate being beat by a girl (just to quell any concerns that they're going easy on the girl), but it happens to most of them pretty often. My friend thinks it's a good lesson for them to learn early. :biggrin:
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    Girls are hitting puberty earlier, but I don't think boys are. They're more prone to delayed puberty.
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    My boyfriend wrestled in high school. He occasionally challenges me to a wrestling match, but I dont even bother now, I dont stand a chance.. not even for a moment. I distinctly remember when my brother was suddenly larger than me. As the oldest I found it hard to swallow. Luckily he didnt know how big he was until he was old enough to respect his size and strength. I remember getting ready to push him around a bit and thinking... this is a bad idea. Suddenly he was huge and I realized I simply did not have the advantage any more. I wrestle horses every day, they are bigger and stronger than human boys, the difference is the smarts. Horses dont know how big they are or that they are stronger. My brother didnt either and so I had the advantage, once he realized I was puny, it was the end of my days as "woman of the house"
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    My puberty was extremely delayed. I was probably a junior before it really got going. I still haven't had my first period.
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    i believe i was about 11 or 12. that's even why we had a jr. high school. grades 6 through 8 (which for me were the ages 11 through 13) were puberty camp. here we were all segregated to pupate in peace, not being a menace to poor 5th graders, nor easy targets for the high school kids.
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    are you really lean or extremely active?
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    I'm really mean and extremely attractive
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    Men are stronger. It is simple biology. Don't confuse strength for skill though. An individual can be highly skilled in something regardless of sex.
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    even lactating?
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    Considering that advanced-onset puberty is associated with obesity, I'm still not sure that someone going through early puberty is going to be able to win a wrestling match against normal-weight girls.
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