Medical Man with a condom on can still be infected with an STD?

  1. Is there any possibility that a man with a condom on can still be infected with an STD ?

    -Bobbie Hu
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    Re: condom

    A condom can always tear or leak; also when worn incorrectly one may be at risk. Generally condoms are however one of the safest methods of protection.

    And of course, as always: when in doubt, see a doctor.
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    Condoms may not protect against herpes if the lesion is in an area that is not covered by the condom.
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    Re: condom

    The CDC says:
    The World Health Organization says:
    I will add that HIV is much less infectious than, say, Hepatitis-B; the infection rates there might be an order of magnitude higher. Of course infection rates without condoms are higher yet. Unfortunately I haven't seen good comparative statistics; has anyone else?
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    HVB do not attack HIS, its main target is the liver. People infected with HVB may later die of liver problems. It is a cureable disease
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    Re: condom

    Since the question is "is there any possibility"

    The answer is: yes, there is a possibility.
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    Re: condom

    I agree -- I only said it is more infectious than HIV. HIV is not very infectious, and extremely fragile as far as viruses go.
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    Having sex with an HIV infected partner without a condom is known to be infected for sure. Noone 'cares' to do that anyway.
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    The answer is "YES"! There is always a possibility to get an STD, that's why the best choice is to just practice being abstinent. It's the best way to be safe :biggrin:
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    1) It's really what you do before you have the condom on that can make things risky. All that rubbing and foreplay n stuff moves fluids around--men and women.

    Ask someone else here what STDs you can get with oral sex. Or even toughing your hand to your mouth. I'm not a medial man.

    2) Anyway, if your hands are contaminated, what are you going to use to put on a condom?

    3) Puting on a condom requires some precision for sterile techinique. You roll it down without touching anything but the condom, if done correctly. Now, if you have an STD, and your fingers slip while rolling it down, there could be STD on your fingers. So you keep rolling and your fingers move some to the outside of the condom. You blew it. You're supposed to start over with a fresh condom if your practicing sterile technique.

    4) And there's more. You can't let it roll back. That recontacts the inside with the outside.

    Now why don't you MD types know how to answer this? ; I'm just strolling through this thread.
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