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MARVEL's fictional Adamantium in real life?

  1. May 21, 2012 #1
    I have this book with me called "THE NIGHT SKY" and on page 115 they mention Neutronium/Neutron Star material as being indestructible yet weighing A LOT to the point it will sink through the earth, so my question is, is it truly indestructible and if so why?
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    Yes and no. It you were to bring a lump of this matter to Earth there would be the biggest explosion ever.

    A neutron star is as close to an eternal object as you may hope to find, though. Nothing much can affect it other than accreting so much mass that it collapses into a black hole, or possibly the very rare event of collision with a black hole.
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    Check out the thread on "Neutronium armor". Sorry, can't post links yet.
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    How exactly would you know that bringing this matter to earth would cause any kind of explosion? Obviously not the star itself but more less the physical matter of the indestructible matter.
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    Neutron stars are only held together by their own immense gravity. If you tried to "scoop some up" the neutrons would immediately fly apart.

    No material can be indestructible, although carbon nanotubes could theoretically be as much as 10-100x stronger than steel. Having a carbon-nanotube-reinforced skeletal structure and body cavaity would certainly make you quite resilient - but not indestructible by any means.
  7. May 25, 2012 #6
    True Adamantium in the comics can survive impacts that can destroy stars, I doubt there is any real-life mateirial that can do this.
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