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Math Grad schools with no application fee

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    I'm currently applying to grad school for a masters in pure math, and saw that carnegie mellon has no application fee. Can you guys think of any other decent math grad programs that have no application fees?
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    that really shouldn't determine where you apply. application fees are really really negligible compared to ... the rest of you life.
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    if you find it hard to afford application fees you can e-mail graduate program heads, or even department heads and tell them about it.

    If there's an application fee, there's usually a waiver procedure in good schools. I'd expect they would be even more sympathetic if you are a good applicant.

    good luck
  5. Nov 5, 2009 #4
    Why, do you think there's something dodgy about there being no application fee? According to this:
    Carnegie Mellon is ranked joint 33rd of pure math departments, with a score of 3.6/5.
    And yes, according to their web page there is no application fee:

    I did a bit of searching around. For universitities of a similar ranking to Carnegie Mellon here are the application fees:
    Ohio State: $5
    Univ. of Utah: $55
    CUNY: $125
    University of California--Davis: $70
    Rice University: $70
    Pennsylvania State University--University Park: $45
    Indiana University--Bloomington: $50

    OK, so in my limited search I could not find another university with no application fee. However the other universities have fees ranging from $5 to $125, quite a wide distribution for only 7 universities don't you think?
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