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Math Handwriting Recognition in FluidMath

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    Personally, I prefer LaTeX. It is a lot faster once you are used to it. Handwriting recognition is always slow. I had to write Chinese on a writing pad before (until I learnt a proper input method) and it was terribly slow.
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    I don't like figuring out new languages for representing math -- I wish math handwriting recognition worked.. with FluidMath it looks pretty good!

    For those of us who like LaTeX, I noticed in the YouTube video BenVitale posted () they convert the handwriting to MathML and paste it into MS Word, but if you look about 44 seconds into the video there is also an option to copy to the clipboard as LaTeX -- cool.

    The handwriting recognition in the video doesn't look slow, it actually looks instantaneous. Editing looks dead-simple too-- just scribbling things out and rewrite.

    For whoever's interested I found a whole "channel" of FluidMath videos here: http://www.youtube.com/fluidmath .
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