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Math, Neuroscience, Languages? My brain is overwhelmed

  1. Aug 9, 2014 #1
    I'm interested in studying mathematics at the undergraduate level, and have been studying some upper-level courses on my own (technically, for the college I hope to go to, I would only have six courses left to complete a math major). I also am interested in connecting my knowledge of upper level math (if I become a major) to cognitive neuroscience - and memory. I realize I have no knowledge whatsoever on the topic, and I know tons of research has been done in this area, but I think it would be interesting to see how mathematics could possibly bring a new perspective to the research being done currently.

    And I've also had an interest in foreign languages; I speak five currently. Spanish and German are the ones which I have been doing in high school so far.

    I want to pursue a profession in the medical field, and I don't know whether a Double Neuroscience/Language major would look really simple, and unmotivated for a prospective med school applicant. I feel as though if I did a Double Neuroscience/Math major, it would look more engaging and interesting for the jury. However, I really want to continue languages, but if I do a Double Neuroscience/Language major with a minor in math, the minor in math won't show on my diploma, and it seems like these courses that I'm learning now won't show for anything. I feel as though this hard work in math, which I enjoy so much, won't count towards anything. Because med schools will only see my majors.

    Sorry for the essay. Thanks for all the input.

    EDIT: To show interest, it is not necessary to record an interest as a major/minor right? I was hoping to do a Math/Language Major, and also get in touch with a friend who works at a neuroscience lab and look into doing research there. However, I don't see how, if I want to pursue say, German as a major - it would not be useful in the United States as a physician.
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    http://www.dyns.ucsb.edu/ this is a program at UCSB that integrates math, computer science, electrical engineering with neuroscience. I am sure there is a field there that can integrate languages as well ( ie natural language processing)
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    Vanadium 50

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    The stereotype for double major is "someone with broad interests who is willing to do extra work". The stereotype for triple major is "flake who can't make up his mind". Like many stereotypes, it is not completely made up from whole cloth. And whether or not "pre-med" is an official major at your school, it's a major's worth of work.
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    Double degree is not worth your time, in terms of time invested vs career benefits. Use your spare time doing undergraduate research instead. Even better if you can published in a peer-reviewed paper.

    Research experience is gold. It's far more valuable than a double degree.
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    Thanks for the replies all!
    I've decided to do a Neuroscience major, but I intend to use my knowledge in upper-level math to find research opportunities in computational neuro.
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