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Math Math Undergrad then Mech Engineering for Grad

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    Hi guys, right now I am a math major interested in becoming an engineer. I thought about transferring into another school because my school does not offer an engineering degree. But then since I am a sophomore right now I do not think I can graduate on time if I do. So I thought maybe I should just finish my math degree here and then go into grad for mech engineering.

    and so, I was wondering...

    What will guarantee me a better job/make me more marketable?

    1) Undergrad with math, then grad for mechanical engineering
    2) Just Undergrad with Mechanical engineering
    3) Both Undergrad and Grad mechanical engineering.

    of course 1 and 3 will be the better option, but I just put up all three cases just in case all three route will lead me to the same job.


    Okay, I guess I made a simple question too complicated. I guess what I am asking is, are you as eligible to get a job with just a graduate degree in mechanical engineering as someone else who has a undergrad?
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  3. Nov 25, 2009 #2
    If you got a graduate degree in mechanical engineering you would most likely have to take some of the classes an undergrad would have taken before being accepted into the graduate program. Maybe a years worth or so. If you have a masters in mech e then you would be a better candidate for a job than someone with just an undergrad. Getting the masters implies that you have most, if not all, of the knowledge of the material involved in the undergrad courses. A lot of masters courses will build on their undergraduate counterparts so at least some knowledge in those areas is essential.

    As far as what you should do right now, well, I'll tell you what I would do. If I was in your situation and knew I wanted to work as a mechanical engineer once I graduated I would start speaking with admissions in other schools and see how many of my current classes they would accept if I was to transfer. I would then transfer to an engineering school and finish up my degree in mech e, possibly having to stay a few semesters extra. Depending on your work ethic and when some classes are offered you might be able to catch up and still graduate on time if you take enough credits. You could then decide if you want to get a masters in mech e or not.

    If you transfer, worst case scenario you have to stay a semester or two later to get the mech e degree.
    If you don't transfer you will have your math degree but if you want to get into the engineering field you will have to take at least another 2 years of school.
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